Feeling Youthful

As we age there are many changes that occur in our skin, which sometimes results in a person appearing older than they actually are. Many of these changes can be reversed with a variety of innovative treatments and techniques.

The signs of ageing include wrinkles, sagging skin, jowls, deep lines, drooping cheeks, eye bags, dark spots, dull and dry skin.

Although ageing is not necessarily a negative part of life, it can cause us become self-conscious and feel older. At Medical Skin Lab we can offer you a range of treatments to manage the unwanted signs of ageing and get your confidence back!


Ageing well

At Medical Skin Lab, we ensure that your results appear natural- looking.  We aim to help you by combining knowledge and expertise to ensure that we turn back time in a sympathetic way to maintain your features, your character and personality. We believe that each person should be treated as a unique individual and develop a bespoke treatment plan to suit your needs.

You. Refreshed 

How do I know which treatments to chose?

We will discuss your concerns and combine this with a full assessment, to provide you with the best combination of treatments that meets your needs. The treatment plan is made with you at your initial consultation and we revisit this at each appointment to ensure you get the best results.