Dark patches of skin

Hyperpigmentation results from excessive pigment in the skin causing it to appear darker than it should. Although it is common condition it can be severe in some cases and result in a great deal of distress.

The underlying cause may be sun spots (solar lentigines), hormonal changes (melasma) and post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH), which can result from acne scarring for example. Dark patches develop on the skin which often leads to patients feeling self-conscious and covering up the areas of pigmentation with make-up.

Confidence. Without Make-Up

Hyperpigmentation can affect anyone but it can be particularly stubborn in tanned or darker  skin. The treatment options may include a variety of specialist skin peels or home prescription kits, which will be discussed at your consultation.

Even if you have tried several treatments from elsewhere, we will ensure that you have the best guidance to make sure our treatment is successful.